Thursday, January 06, 2005

The New Beginning

Oringinally posted in Neverland

A Beginning....yes. New.....Maybe. Exciting.....probably not.

Not really feeling adventurous or creative today, hence the non-imaginative username, but you have to start somewhere.

Today was the first non-alcoholic lunch with Shaft. Not exciting but good. He is feeling great since being sober. I am only happy that I am not spending $200+ a week. My drinking schedule was not daily like his so I don't notice as much of a difference. I need to find my center and drive. There is something out there and I must find it. Baseball season is starting soon, and the Cubs are playing both the Yankees (at Yankee Stadium) and the Bo Sox (at Wrigley) which in and of it self gives me a reason to live. For those of you who do not like the Cubs you may kiss my ass. Both cheeks please.

Snow is for children. Children will play outside in the cold waist deep in snow until they cannot feel their feet or they are dragged inside. We the old people (over 18) would do anything to avoid having to trudge through even a in of nasty exhaust blackened slush. And I believe there is a point when even the beautiful pure white snow on the lawn looks like that because you know that when you reach the side walk or, dare I say it, the street our feet will be wet, our ankles splattered, the cuffs of our pants or the edge of our coats will be stained with exquisite white salt. I know sound like an evil curmudgeon but I spent a week in Hawaii, with friends who live there, in Nov. and the worst it did was rain and get down to about 70 degrees. Oh, the horror! I can live with that.

I dropped my $500 phone/PDA two nights ago and did not realize it until the friend I was with answered her phone and the voice on the other end said he had my phone. He apparently bought it for $5 from a bum. The bum I ignored as entered the drinking establishment I was currently in. If the idiot would have brought me the phone he would have made $20 instead of the measly five he procured from the well intentioned good Samaritan Chris. To whom I owe my schedule, my phone book, my work out log, and my ability to receive my email regardless of where I am at. Kudos to Chris. Chris who would not except more than $10 for his deed. He really only wanted to take $5 to make up for his expenditure but I only had a $10. I have to admit that a good number of my friends, if sold my phone and did not know that it was mine would sell it on ebay for a quite healthy profit. Can you fault their entrepreneurial spirit?

It is 5:30pm and I must decide what to do before going to work in 3 1/2 hours. Do I nap? Eat then nap? Nap then eat? Eat then do something productive? Or eat then watch a couple of episodes of Seinfeld on DVD? My money is on Seinfeld but sleep is always close behind.

Live Long and Prosper.....