Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is having nothing to say better than saying nothing?

I have a couple fun posts to get up but not the time nor the energy to post them.

I even have the answer to the question asked in the comments of my last post.

But alas I just agreed to go across the street to play scrabble. I really need to keep my living room lights off. And park around the corner.

Any way last Thursday was my mom's 70th Birthday. Today was the only day we could all make it to dinner. We went to Sullivan's downtown. OH MY GOD!!!

I have been to the one in Naperville and everyone says the one in naperville is better but although the ambiance in naperville is a little nicer and the bathrooms aren't in Cleveland and the waitress are hotter out there, tonight's Filet is definitely in contention for the best steak I have ever had. This was the kind of steak where you take a bite and you have to put down your fork and savor every second as it glides across each and every taste bud in your mouth. I definitely recommend the Gorgonzola garlic butter. It really is a thick mess and they give you to much but scrape off all but enough to thinly cover the top of your steak and you'll be in heaven. The other contenders are The Filet As Big As My Heart from Morton's and The Filet from Ruth's Chris on their hotter than the Sun plates.

Service is great at Sullivan's also friendly fast, quite enjoyable. If you get the dark skinned waitress (Sue I think) with the English accent ask where she is from. The answer is Sri Lanka. That answer is worth a beer. I expect you to pass your winnings on to me.