Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fuck Me Running

OK so no luck kids. My DVD drive is still opening and closing on a regular basis and it seems to be even faster now. I haven't timed it because if it is faster I will really be ticked the fuck off.

So any of you computer geeks who read this (yes brother, this means you) have any idea how to fix this please let me know.

I am going to shut off my computer as to not be annoyed into oblivion.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Well, now that's something

I have not written here in quite awhile for two reasons. One, I have had very little energy, and two, I have had little to write about. I was going to say very little to write about but I did go on a very interesting 4 day bender in which I received 2 hangovers, 2 phone numbers and about 6 hours of sleep in 3 days. And yes that would have been more interesting for you the hangovers and lack of energy due to lack of sleep left me less than enthusiastic about writing.

But as Tony says "just write" and "write some more"

What has prompted me to write at this moment is that my computer, specifically my DVD drive has become possessed. While reading my email my DVD drive opened and then just as quickly closed again. At first I thought it might be Norton prompting me to back up my system. But then the drawer would stay open, it did not. And Norton itself would be open. It is not. And yet, even as we speak it continues to open and close approximately every thirteen seconds. I find this both annoying and amusing at the same time. Amusing because I have always been fond of poltergeists and feel they have been given a bad rap. Annoying because it does make noise and repetitive noises tend to piss me off. And because there is no one here to witness it and I am not able to see their reactions which might amuse me enough to outweigh the annoyance factor. But alas no such luck.

I have not yet tried to remedy this situation because if I do and no one ever sees this will anyone ever believe me. Also if I cure the problem I may be deluded into believing that it was indeed poltergiests that have cause this phenomenon and not something more sinister, like dare I say a computer virus. If this indeed a computer virus I find it quite clever. Not destructive just amusing and annoying. Well if the writer of said alleged virus is reading this almost non-existent blog I say, Bravo!

Now get this damn thing out of my computer!

OK am about to manually open the DVD drive off schedule to see if it thwarts whatever mechanism has caused this anomaly.

Nope. No such luck. When I opened it, it closed again immediately and then opened and closed again about 8 seconds later adn then resumed its 13 second pattern. I am hoping that rebooting my computer will solve the problem and not launch some full fledged attack on my computer or some full fledged attack on me by my computer.

Wish me luck.