Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hangovers past and present

I fell asleep about 6am today and woke up at 9am when my crazy ass alarm clock woke me up. I had the sense to stay in bed until about 10am when my phone rang. I was wide awake and felt better than I have in weeks. I think that may have been due to the still positive alcohol level in my bloodstream. I level I believe has since dropped because the "where the hell were you last night" headache has started. Luckily there is Ibuprofen in the medicine cabinet and Wicker Park Summerfest starting in 10 minutes approximately 6 blocks from my apartment.

While scanning a previous blog just prior to deleting it forever I found this and thought I would share.

Is it possible for your body to be wide awake but your mind still be asleep? My legs are bouncing up and down like I'm on speed but my mind won't move. I know I have a million things to do today but I can't think of a one. And I am not sure I want to.

I not very fond of wakes, funeral services and the like. I am not sure anyone is, but I am really not sure what to say to the family of the deceased. Especially if I don't know them well. I saw someone I haven't seen in 15 years, a paramedic I used to work with. I also found out that Rico's cousin went to high school with Dennis. It really is a small world.

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Afterwards Brother and I stopped at the local Irish pub for some food and drink, except the kitchen had closed fifteen minutes before so it was just drink for us. During the first drink I didn't think I would stay long. But then brother was nursing his drink so I had to have a second one to have something to do while he finished his first. Then before I could say anything he ordered a second, and because my glass was empty as well I had to order a third. Which is the point where I think someone yelled, "And they're off". And off to the races we were. If you put my brother and I together for any period of time, especially if there is alcohol involved, we are going to start talking about whatever goofy shit comes into our heads. And you won't be able to shut us up. Except for when we are laughing. Which is about half the time. We made friends with the bartender. And almost friends with the owner.

Things I learned last night:

I out drink my brother at rate of 3/2 if not 2/1. Bartender Rick pours really strong drinks. Chekvar is the name of a beer. Don't run from cops, it is a really bad idea. I already knew that one but the videos on TV confirmed it. There is no good substitute for just plain luck. It is usually not a good idea to start a conversation with the drunk Irishman in the bar. The owner of Chief O’Neil’s has a large club behind the bar that appeared to be designed for no other reason than to bash heads. My father had more hair at 40 than I will. Being in a bar when someone attacks the owner will get you a free drink. My brother is the king of over staying his welcome. I am probably the prince. I really need a bottle of SoCo in my apartment. It is a good thing I don't.