Thursday, July 21, 2005

Where do we go now.

I had a couple of blog ideas while at work today but they are gone from the head now. Possibly never to return. And I have been caffiene free all day so the thoughts are not flowing as rapidly as usual. I will try to turn on the ADD and see what comes out.

I spoke to That Drunk Girl last week and found out that the first week in August will not be as good as originally thought, so I will have to change my flight to Hawaii to later in the month. I called ATA and found out that I can switch it for $50, which is cheaper than most of the airlines, as far as I know. But that $50 bumps us up to $471 which is still good but not the supper exciting far of $421. If I move the dates to later in the month I will be able to see the two Cubs games I have tickets for at the beginning of the month as well as the U2 concert on the 20th of Sept. I will however not make the last Cubs game of the season. Which of course of course always has the potential to be the day they clinch the wild card.

The ADD is not kicking so much. Must. Have. Caffiene.

Oh my God! James Doohan died yesterday. Sad day. Sad day. That's Scotty. Montgomery Scott. From Star Trek. Please tell me you know what I am talking about. Kids today. And speaking of kids. Dear old James Doohan had his youngest child 5 years ago. When he was 80! He married is third wife when he was 55 and she was 19. And he still managed to live another 30 years. Good for him. I think the kids kept him young. Because dealing with adults will kill you. I feel myself die a little every time I need to deal with morons masqerading as adults. I would rather be a kid. Forever.

Forever is a long damn time. Forever is tomorrow plus more days than you can count. Most days tomorrow is more days than I want to deal with.

I am truly tired now so I think I will try Amber's method of falling asleep and hope it work's better for me that it did for her.

Good Night and Good Luck.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Shocking News

More shocking than the news of the past few days. You should sit. You may not be able to handle it. Put pillows and blanket around you in case you pass out and hit the floor.

I did my DAMN laundry.

About damn time too. I was down to the santa boxers. You know you waited to long to do laundry if you have gone through most of the holiday undies. St. Paddy's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas. I went to the ghetto Bubbleland. I guess that's redundant as all Bubbleland's are pretty ghetto. Even the one's in semi-decent neighborhood's. But they are 24 hours. They are a little more expensive and a little further away than the true ghetto laundrymat but they are usually not very crowded so I am not fighting people for the dryers. People get crazy over that shit. Crazy, I say, CRAZY.

"IM GOING TO BLOG LIKE ITS EN FUEGO" has been running through my head lately. It's stolen of course. I'm not going to use it for much except to pimp out that blog and it's author. She changed her blog layout today. I didn't know it until after I decided to link there. I went there to copy the URL, and wa-la chango presto. Black instead of white, and she changed the name. The title was the above quote. I kinda liked the old color and layout, but what does that matter. My opinion should never stifle someone else's creativity. I mean, have you seen my blog. She gets waaaaaay more style points than I.

Do you know what the best thing about leftovers is? There is food. Left. Over. In YOUR fridge. It's the coolest thing. Especially when you forgot it was in there, and you walk to the fridge dejected and depressed knowing you are not going to find anything in there but open it anyway, and BAM! Food you forgot about. Now I don't mean moldy oldy forgot about it. I mean fresh enough to eat forgot about it. For me that means ordering a pizza at 5:30p eating it at 6p, putting it in the fridge at 7:30p and at 12midnight while sitting in the Burger King drive thru line remember that your silly ass put Pizza in the fridge less than five hours ago. BONUS. I pulled out of that drive thru line so fast I left light trails. I unfortunately I had already ordered, so BK is going to have to eat the cost of two Whoppers with cheese. Oh, well. I don't have stock in them.

I wanted to talk about blogging and where I want my blog to go but I was supposed to be at a friend's house 10 minutes ago, so you will have to wait until tomorrow night.

I am off to watch a subtitiled Chinese movie that I have never heard of.

Why ask Why? Drink Bud Dry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sometimes I don't live right

I have five minutes to write a 1 hour post so bear with me.

Tony Pierce just got me in trouble. First I get caught with proverbial pants down when tony decided to link to me on the day I expose a little bit of my personl life, but that's what this thing is for, right? I should have seen it comming, because although he is king, he is a benevolent king and if you link to him and you don't suck he will probably link back. And if you are cool like Raymi or Anti he will link to you like mad. So knowing this about tony I should have prepared the next post and got you to laugh so hard you pissed your pants, becasue who wouldn't want to return to a site that made you piss your pants. But instead of writing a post I surfed the net and drank SoCo and Coke (Diet Pepsi) out of a 32oz Arby's cup. So after consuming 64oz of luvin' I decided I needed company and called friends. Foti said he was in for the night. The Boys don't drink anymore. So i called The Ass. I wrote a post involving the Ass but it was one of the posts I deleted by accident and never reconstructed. There is plenty to say about him let me tell you. The Ass is Foti's friend from highschool and ex-roommate. The Ass is already out eating dinner so he says sure I have a drink with you. I show up have two drinks in this completely unpopulated bar. Ass calls his friend whose new nickname is Pussy because he wouldn't come out with us. The Ass and I go to another bar to play pool where I begin to drink like it's my JOB. Foti comes out after all and brings Greek Boy with him. I am not real fond of Greek boy but he has his moments. One of which is wehn he played The Ass at pool, allowed The Ass to take three of his balls off the table after the break and Greek Boy still won. It is nice to grow up with a pool table.

I am way over my five minutes.

We will jump ahead to where Tony gets me in trouble. If you haven't been to the busblog today, do so. Just not from work or around children. The reason for this is that Raymi is waiting there to meet you. Naked. A pleasant surprise. The photo is even hotter once you realize Jennifer Good is standing next to her. (read the comments to tony's posts) I am with monkey today and currently at my parents house. I was going to see what Tony had to say when Monkey walked in. Now i didn't react very fast because I wasn't doing anything wrong, until I remembered that Raymi was at the top of the page smiling at us, naked as a jaybird. I closed the window too late. Monkey was embarrassed. I did the only thing I could. I owned up.

"There was a naked lady on the computer screen."

"yes, there was"

"yes there was"

I explained to her that that picture is not normally there.

Monkey then left the room.

Thank Tony. Thanks Raymi.

I will now be taking donations to pay for Monkey's therapy. Or mine. I am not ready to talk to my daughter about naked people, but I gotta do it soon, so maybe this is a start.

I really do mean thanks. Tony's blog is what gets me through the day sometimes and for him to link here is super cool.

And Raymi is a stronger man than I. I don't have the balls to put my face up, much less dance around naked for others to see. She is the coolest.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Regular updates

I make regular updates here. I haven't made the decision to move everything to blogger yet but is probably what will happen.