Thursday, May 25, 2006

I really AM still alive

This was started on 5/25/05 but not finished
until now.

It's been 21 days since my last post and this one probably won't be worth the wait but I will do my best to bring you up to date on the happenings and misadventures of my life in the past 3 weeks. I will try to be chronological as possible, but some things are easier said than done.

I finished my week long move into my new apartment. Got my security deposit from the old place. YAY! Celebrated Red's birthday at Hogs and Honeys pictures to follow. Maybe. Officially told Indian Girl that I didn't want a relationship with her. Got yelled at and cursed out for 2 hours straight. Then was called 2 1/2 hours later to be told to listen to some song that of course was nothing but static over the cell phone to cell phone connection. Then got yelled at for hanging up on the static. And finally yelled that it was 4:30am and and we were done talking and hung up and shut off the phone. I woke up to two mean voice mail messages. I called her 2 days later to try and talk when she wasn't drunk and angry. She wasn't drunk but still angry and we didn't talk long.

I then got a call a week later because she was having severe back spasms and pain and she only has 2 other friends in the entire state, now that she has divorced her husband. And apparently calling me was preferable to calling him. That and I was a bigger help with my medical background. Because we were friends for 6 years prior to this disaterous fling I got prescriptions for some pain meds and muscle relaxants and even ended taking her to the ER on day 4 or 5 of her ordeal. She is finally feeling a little better and no longer hates me and wants to see me boiled in oil. She is also now willing to accept being just friends. So she says. I am willing to give it a try.

During this time I went to three different courthouses for the driving on a suspended liscence sharges and had to get all 3 cases continued because I have not completely straightened out my liscence. So I now have another weeklong court marathon at the end of June.

I am sure I did more during that 3 weeks but I now longer remember. I know have to start my post about memorial day weekend. Wish me luck.

Here are some pictures to keep you busy.

Red and I (taken on another date because somehow we didn't get a good picture of us on her birthday)

Red's best friend

Two other friends

Our Hot Bartender

Hot bartender giving red a shot

The girls who bought Red the shot


Rico on the bull

Red getting ready to do a Blow Job shot off the Mechanical Bull Guy

Red drinking the shot. (Yes, I missed the money shot)

Shot off the bartender

Red and SRG dancing

With a way too short skirt

Red doing a shot off the bartender

Hot Bartender's wet belly

HB gets a cleaning

HB does a shot off SRG

Triple shot

Riding the bull

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hallelujiah for silver linings

I have been offline for 4 days. Yes I have checked my email and my blog from work but haven't been able to accomplish anything online. Like yell at Somebody for not guest posting to keep all of you entertained. I would really yell as much as tease. And I know she is on dreaded dial up so I might forgive her and right now I am in a good mood so now would be a good time for her to ask for that forgiveness.

As for the good mood I will have to explain. I have been in a bad mood for weeks. I have a lot of things in my life coming ot a head right now and almost none of them good. The most immediate is that I have moved out of a 3bdr 2ba apartment that my friend wanted to rent out for $1300/month but gave to me for $1100/month and was willing to give to me for $1000/month to get me to stay and is now renting out for $1400/month to move into a $550/month 1 bedroom almost a full bath (shower no tub) garden apartment, for those of you non-Chicagoans that means basement. I have been depressed about this and lamenting my decision. And to improve my mood, while packing up the last of the bathroom I knocked my phone off my belt and deposited it squarely into the center of the toilet bowl. Nothing but net. Two points. Play taps, this bitch is dead. Unfortunately I was planning on attending a concert tonight (Steven Stills, give me shit later) but my friend had my ticket and being unable to reach me due to my dead phone, and I being unable to reach him due to my dead phone and my not being smart enough to set up my computer and get his cell phone number before leaving the house, sold my ticket. I got down there late because I am always late, and then I had to park 4-5 blocks away and check every local establishment for a pay phone, in ten years kids won't know what those are, only to find one 1/2 a block from The Park West but without any quarters had to ask two establishments for quarters only to realize I did not have my friends number. Calling work provided no help they didn't have access to his number either. I walked around in front of The Park West again then realized that I hadn't checked my own voice mail. There were 7 unheard messages, Mom, Red, Indian Girl, and 4 from my friend. The first two telling me where to meet them for dinner, the second one getting pissy saying if I don't hear from you I am selling the ticket and the fourth saying that he expected at least a phone call and that he was selling the ticket. I tried to buy one from scalpers out front but they were going for more than I had in my pocket and I didn't want to stand around until after it started to see if I could get one cheap. I walked back to my car stopping at a local drinking establishment to wet my whistle and ease the pain, then came home to set up my computer, luckily the damn tricorder piece of sheet syncs with outlook, to get his number. And when I set it up, the computer automatically tried to connect me to MSN and Yahoo messengers. Unsuccessfully of course. And the little icon in the corner for wireless showed a red monitor, but I thought what if... What if I connected the little antenna? Sure enough, yellow. So I tried to connect and got nothing. Another network appeared on my list. I tried and nothing. So I lifted the computer up on top of the table instead of underneath. And to make a long story only slightly shorter, I am writing to you on Free Wireless Internet.

Free. Wireless. Internet.

Well not completely free. Somebody is paying for it but not me. Now I should feel slightly bad but I am pretty sure someone was freeloading on my network at my last apartment so I am just riding the wave of good Karma. And would probably be more than happy to split someone's internet cable bill. But for now I am super happy that I may be able to save $62/month by not paying for ineternet cable.

I will have to use this network as much as possible in the next few days to see how constant it is, before cancelling the installation of my internet cable given that the signal strengthn is low. Because right now if I transfer from my old place there is no installation fee. But if I cancel and decide later I will probably get nailed with a $50 fee or so. Not good.

But for right now I am doing the happy dance.

Update: Okay of course while searching on line for pictures snoopy happy dancing I lose my signal and couldn’t post this damn thing. I guess I am buying internet after all.

The network just went off line all together and the name of the network sounds like a restaurant so maybe they just closed. We shall see.

Okay now it is back up.

And now it's not.

Update #2: I have lifted up the compter and put it closer to the window and it currently rests next to the TV and the signal strength is very good. Yay me! However the mouse is now on the left side of the computer but I am sure I can get all this moved around.