Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

This post was originally going to be a review, now it is going to be a bitch session.

Can software developers stop making upgrades, or at least stop adding shit that we don't want, and especially shit that doesn't work. I have been a fan of Mozilla Firefox and have used it exclusively for over a year. The only time i used Internet explorer was when firefox wouldn't let me watch movies on Netflix. Firefox has fixed that and I never use ie anymore. Recently Firefox upgraded and created a new interface. They also added a feature where you can save where you were and all your tabs when you close firefox. I hadn't used that feature because usually when I close my tabs I am done and have no reason to return to the exact same space. Until today. I had three tabs open including my email and figured I would return to it when I was done running. And I did. Except for the fact that when I opened Firefox everything was gone. No bookmarks, no history, not even a home page. It opened to a completely blank page and when I hit the little home icon I got firefox's homepage instead of I actually accepted the fact I was going to have to replace all my bookmarks, I figured heck they needed cleaning up anyway, right?

Well they're clean all right because it won't let me add any new bookmarks. When I enter a page it takes me there but next to the URL instead of an icon for that page there is an icon of a blank page and when I put my cursor over it it says This web site does not supply identity information. And when I try to drag the URL onto the taskbar or add a bookmark nothing happens.

I am a bit past pissed off right now. I am going to take a shower to try and cool off and clean this damn body of mine.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Follow up

Originally posted on April 17, 2008

Hey, it is warm in chicagoland and you know what that means. Baseball. Cubs baseball. The only baseball in town. And I am going to the game. Went on Tues. They kicked ass I drank beer. Two games in one week. And I just realized that I can probably make it to tomorrow's game also. Woo Hoo.

I don't work until 9p on Fri. No beer at the game but it is still a cubs game. And I'm going to a wedding on Sat. The wedding. It is going to be the biggest party of the year. I wish I could fit into my blue suit. It is so much cooler than my grey one. Oh well shit happens. There is going to be so much alcohol there no will notice I am wearing a suit. Actually there will be so much alcohol there that I might not be wearing a suit by the end of the night.

Camera battery is dead, and the spare is truly dead- won't take a charge :(

So no pics of today's game but the camera will be ready to go on Sat. So expect some drunk photos. Of course I won't post them to Aug the way I am going but they will still be great.



I was close, it's September and here are those pics...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

More political commentary than you can shake a stick at

More of an observation than a commentary, during Sarah Palin's speech yesterday

I noticed that her daughter looked pregnant but I kept telling myself that she was just fat. Turns out I was right the first time.

Found on Accordian Guy

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First impressions

My first thought when I heard that john McCain chose a barely known woman to be his Vice Presidential canidate was that he had shot himself in the foot. I thought, my God does he really think that nominating a woman will really pull in votes from women who voted for H. Clinton but who aren't completely sold on Obama. I felt that even some Republicans will be turned off by his choice.

Tonight I got to see Alaska Governor Sarah Palin give her speech at the Republican National Convention and I was actually somewhat impressed. These are the things I noticed most.

People are more likely to cheer for negative comments than they are positive ones.

Republican women ARE hotter than Democratic women.
Sarah Palin

Geraldine Ferraro

This woman is Hippie who just happens to be a Republican. She has five children: sons Track (born 1989) and Trig (born 2008), and daughters Bristol (born 1990), Willow (born 1995), and Piper (born 2001). Holy Fuck what is up with those names? You would think she was married to Bruce Willis. Women are gonna eat that shit up. She is young (44) compared to Hillary (61), is independent, and you know she wouldn't put up with her husband cheating on her. She'd bury his ass under 6ft of ice in the middle of Nowhere, Alaska.

She is a decent speaker. Not great but decent.

She seems to be a reformer and for less government spending but don't they all.

Her small town charm is going to appeal to a LOT of people. She is the exact opposite of Obama. All that polish makes him seem too slick and that turns some people off.

She may really draw a few people toward the Republican Party. I know McCain is the candidate but Dude is old. Way old and we have to think that the VP may end up running the show. McCain may die and Obama may get shot. Not that he should but you know there are people out there that want to.

She does have executive experience. The other 3 have only been in Congress which can be hard but none of them have actually ran the show.

McCain came out at the end which apparently no one expected but I was not surprised by. Everyone keeps comparing him to Regan. I will give you this, he does look robotic.