Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is it wrong

To regret that you have a conscious? I just bet my brother $1000 that Meg Ryan was in Top Gun. The problem is that I owe him $1750. If I didn't owe hm anything I would forgive the bet. He is willing to honor this this bet but I think it is mainly because he he thinks I can't actually pay him back. So I'm torn between winning an honest bet and proving my brother wrong.

I've apparently upgraded

To a better bar because I am now getting my water back in real plastic instead of frat party beer cup plastic.

I got posts a comin'

But I gotta say right now

That Brother looked me in the eye and said "you know you've had five of those" and I said in my best gravely Al Pacino voice "I'm just gettin' warmed up"".

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This Woman Is Sixty Two Years Old

I was just watching Jimmy Kimmel Live, and although I have no idea whether it was live or a repeat, Susan Lucci came out in a short strapless dress and was SMOKING!!!!! I mean you could tell she was older than she initially appeared and I'd be willing to bet she's had some work done. Either that or she has the world's greatest strapless push-up bra.

Now I've met a GILF before but she was 45, Susan Lucci is Sixty Two years old. As of today. Actually, yesterday, December 23. 1946. She is only 6 years younger than my dad. But I'd have admit that even though I am 104 going on 40, if she wasn't married and I could tolerate her silly giggle of a laugh for more than 15 minutes I would totally take a run at that.


So now that I've provided you with the sick thought of the day I have to wrap Christmas presents.

Speaking of which, I got an early Christmas present that may actually end up being my favorite Christmas present. A Jersey. A Cubs jersey. A big Z Cubs jersey. And I am stoked. When does the season start. If I win the lotto, I am so going to spring training.

And yes I know I have to blog about the bar crawl. If I don't do it before I leave for Vegas, I promise to do it on the plane.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bar Crawling

It is -3 degrees outside which 2 degrees warmer than it was this am. 8 degrees colder than the expected low

Friday, December 19, 2008


I am currently on a quest to watch all the Best Picture Oscar winners. Since 1929. There was a Best Production award in 1928 that was given to Wings and I would have watched it but it seems to be unavailable. 1929 was the first year a Best Picture award was given, and the winner was The Broadway Melody of 1929. It was good, not great but good. I felt it was a little slow and the acting a little overdone but I feel that was probably due to the fact that most of the actors had there training in the theater where everything needs to be a little more pronounced. In 1930 came All Quiet on the Western Front. A book most of us have read. I book I hope most of us liked if not loved. In trying to find out in what year the remake was made I have discovered that it is being remade again and is due out in 2009. I have strong feelings about that and will have to devote an entire other post to it. Which is good because it brings us faster to why I am here today. Cimarron.

Cimarron 1931 Academy Award Best Picture Winner

Cimarron is a western although not quite a much a shoot-em-up as we have come to expect westerns to be, but it has been given the distinction of being the first western to win Best Picture.

Cimarron depicts and follows the life of Yancey Cravat, a newspaper man from Kansas spurred west by the Oklahoma land rush, taking his wife and an unexpected stow away with him. He arrives in Oklahoma in 1889 when the streets are dirt and the law is the fastest gun, or the most ornery bastard or both. It follows Osage, Oklahoma and Yancey through forty years of change. With Osage and Oklahoma adapting far better than Yancey. It is a bit slow at times but that is to be expected from a movie from 1931, a year when people didn't expect there information at 1.5Mbs or there movies to move at 100mph. This one's worth 2 hours of your time.

And to make it even more appealing and interesting, it is based on a real person Temple Houston, son of Sam Houston, who was a lawyer in Oklahoma at the end of the 19th century. Watching the movie, especially the end, gives you the sense that at least some of this was based on someone's life. So I was pleased to find out it was.

Historical information and pictures were found at Saddlebums who give a much better review of this movie than I.

Also in research for this review I discovered that not only that Cimarron was remade in 1960 but they are currently remaking it again and it is due out in 2010. Apparently I am not the only one looking at the list of the past 80 Best Picture winners. This is a good movie, leave it alone. You may be able to put in more special effects and get it to move a little faster, but don't you think that people who may have actually remembered 1889 would do a better job than people 120 years later whose idea of history is to check the box office totals from last year.

Hollywood can you please be original. Please.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


That's all you get.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Quote of the day

"we are laying you fresh meat"

Unfortunately that came from the wendy's drive through.

Worse things could happen

Sunday, December 07, 2008


So I re-watched Casino Royale last night. And realized how cheesy stupid bond was that he fell in love so fast, and for not noticing immediately that she had stolen the money she was doing a bit of over acting or over reacting one or the other immediately after transferring the funds. But it proved to me that Quantum of Solace was definitely a better movie and a better Bond movie even though I don't think he said Bond, James Bond during the entire movie. Re-watching Casino also has reminded me that this story was supposed to be the beginning of Bond and with the way he ended Quantum I know that Bond is now Bond and the next movie should not only be kick ass but a Bond movie in the way we know and love bond. I think Daniel will make a great Bond and those of you who cant get past the hair color I say,


Saturday, December 06, 2008

So i'm sitting in my car

And I'm thinking about what movies I should watch to get me in the mood for Vegas and Ocean's Eleven and Swingers come to mind immediately. Then I think Go. Go! Go is a great movie with some cool Vegas scenes. And then I remember Very Bad Things. Now there's a movie that exemplifies the guys weekend in Vegas. And the stupid things we do when we are scared.

So what I am looking for are suggestions on cool Vegas or Vegas related movies to watch. Please leave them in the comments.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


So I've been trying not to say anything outloud but I'm bored. At work. Yes at work where I am usually running in circles and pulling my hair out most of the time. The last two weeks have been better than usual but today it's a ghost town in here. Here in the ER we don't like to talk about such things. We don't say the Q word (quiet) or the S word (slow). Tempting the fates is something we just don't do. And as such I may have with only an hour left to go doomed my self to getting off late.

But silence just won't do anymore. I am dying to get out of here but of course the last patient I saw is the first person I saw all day that needed blood work. So now I wait. Hoping every thing doesn't take an hour and I can leave on time or early.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Woo Hoo!

I have internet! *does happy dance* Real live on my computer, internet.

Woo Hoo!

I of course have to run out of the house now to get my haircut but we're lucky I will post tonight about my last two nights of drinking.


Test pics 2

Word of the day

Incursion: Entering someone else's domain.

'nuff said.

Test pics

Monday, December 01, 2008

208.4 fat ass pounds

I kind of find that hard to believe. I have been eating better/less over the past 3 days and worked out 2 days ago, but I think the real culprit behind the weight loss is dehydration from last nights drinking. Yes I'm eating better but the evil demon alcohol keeps sneaking in there. I don't think there is any reason for him to be around for at least a week not that he ever needs one.