Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Blog Like It's Hot

I am going to blog like it’s en fuego was the first thing I thought this morning. I feel INSPIRED. Hot Canadian chicks are good like that. I think Smelly with be my muse the way Raymi is Tony’s muse. Image hosted by Photobucket.comAlthough Tony has got more muses than I have pairs of underwear, and I keep my drawer stocked. Pretty women inspire everything. Even each other. My stereo alarm was going off for 45 minutes before I got my sad ass out of bed to turn it off. I shut that bitch up and turned right around and slid right back into bed. I determined that I would not sleep away my morning but there was some morning bidness that had to be taken care of before I could get up. But before I could finish my door bell started ringing like the world was on fire. Fuck who could that be. Another round of manic ringing and I got up and put on my pants and trudged off toward the front windows. I thought it’s not the 1st so it isn’t the landlord. I have killed anyone in a while so it isn’t the police. Can’t see who is there from the window. It’s a man but standing to close to the building for a proper ID. I amble down the stairs pulling on my shirt. There is only one other person who rings my bell like that. . Shaft. Shaft himself graced my presence. Unannounced. As usual.

He is doing well. Clean and sober. We went to lunch at the best hole-in-the wall Cuban place in Chicago. Pancho’s. If you are ever in Chicago look it up. He has being chillin’ with the girl friend and is going to buy a house with her. A big ass $550,000 house in Oak Park. That’s what not spending $1000 a month on alcohol will do for you. There are going to rent out their current places. He mentioned the M word. Shaft, the M word. Who woulda thunk it. He said it is time to settle down. Settle down is a phrase that is even more unsettling than the M word. I wish him luck.

He told me that he saw my ex-girlfriend Blondie 3 times over the summer. 3 times. Bastard never told me. Her and her sister apparently play softball on a team that played against Shaft’s girlfriend’s team for the championship. He only talked to them once. Shaft briefly dated Blondie’s twin sister (also dubbed Blondie, yes it gets confusing) but that was a mess for another day. Blondie. I miss her still. After 2 ½ years. I don’t know if it is just because I got dumped or because I was in love. I always thought she had long term potential. My problem was I didn’t act like it. She was the only woman since the divorce that I considered having something long-term or permanent with. Bad timing. Bad attitude on my part. I was fully steeped in the Vortex at that point, and when hanging out with Romans you tend to do as Romans do. Read as Eat, Drink, and Do Mary. Maybe someday you will get the whole Blondie story. Maybe even a new Blondie story. We shall see.

Time to be productive. Might go out tonight. Can’t afford it but I have no will power.

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Smelly Danielly said...

so what does my job as 'muse' entail???

i'm interested in hearing more about blondie now...