Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I am TIRED. So tired in fact that you are only getting this small half-assed shitty post. I went full on drinking on sunday and if you remind me about it I may tell you about it.

But right now I am going to tell you what an ass I am. A week or so ago I told you about how I met tony at a buzznet meetup here in Chicago. I believe I told you how cool he was and that I thought he was the definition of L A I D B A C K because he gave me a copy of Stiff and just said paypal me later. Sweet.

Here comes the me being an ass part. I forgot. I thought about it the next day but was running late and........ And nothing I forgot. For over a week. I am such an ass. But all is well. I emailed an apology and paypaled the twenty five dolla american money. So now he owes me an autograph. I will so have to get it before I start drinking next time. Good luck, right.

Well folks it is 6:41am in good ole chicago land and I am getting my tired ass to bed. Enjoy your day. Hell, enjoy someone else's day. You know they are either wasting it or taking it for granted anyway.

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