Saturday, February 18, 2006

Retarded is the New Gay

Everything used to be gay.

Mom I can't wear that shirt it's gay. Your friends are so gay. God, that was a gay movie. Blogging was gay. Being gay was gay. Not anymore.

My daughter says it. Her friends say it. My friends say it.

You do something stupid. God, I'm retarded.

Your daughter sees you do something stupid. Dad that's retarded.

I'm not hanging out with those people. They're retarded.

That's a retarded song.

My Grandpa is NOT retarded.

I have had 15 drinks in 3 hours. I have to go home. I'm retarded.

George Bush. Retarded.

The VP shooting his buddy in the face. Retarded.

The people who don't make it on American Idol. Retarded.

The people who do make it on American Idol. Retarded.

The people on almost every "reality" TV show. Retarded.

The hosts for most news programs.

The hosts for most game shows.

Bad bloggers.

Good bloggers.

The cashier at the grocery store.

The people at technical support.

My phone. Most if not all automated phone systems. The process to get a driver's license. The cost of a movie. The cost of living. Everything that annoys you throughout the day.

You used to be gay.

Now you're just retarded.

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