Sunday, March 26, 2006

Indian Girl is a leaver

Not meaning that she likes to leave, because if it were up to her I don't think she ever would. She would stay forever making sure she was here when I woke up, got home from work etc.

What she does do is leave her stuff behind. Every damn time.

Once a couple of years ago I was helping my dad clean out his office at home. He was getting new furniture I believe or something like that. Anyway we cleaned out the whole room. Everything out. And after moving everything I found a pair of earrings on the floor. Jokingly I said, "I hope those are mom's". He laughed and said " I have a theory about that" What. "That no jewelery is ever left behind, on accident." I thought about that and realized that almost if not every woman who has left a watch or earrings behind, wanted a reason to come back. So know I am even more acutely aware of this.

The first time Indian Girl was here she didn't leave anything physical but did make my bed and sprayed my pillows with her cherry blossom body spray. Thanks. The second time she left a toothbrush. When she came the third time she brought another toothbrush I asked why and she said she didn't know if I would still have it. Like I would throw out her toothbrush but still invite her back.

Since then she has left a hair clip, and a pair of pink panties. That I didn't find for 2 days. At least my daughter didn't find them. And I think she left something else too, but I dont' remember what it is. In 3 weeks. It has been only 3 weeks. I have been seeing Red for 3 months and she left behind a t-shirt once and asked me about it the next day.

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