Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

This post was originally going to be a review, now it is going to be a bitch session.

Can software developers stop making upgrades, or at least stop adding shit that we don't want, and especially shit that doesn't work. I have been a fan of Mozilla Firefox and have used it exclusively for over a year. The only time i used Internet explorer was when firefox wouldn't let me watch movies on Netflix. Firefox has fixed that and I never use ie anymore. Recently Firefox upgraded and created a new interface. They also added a feature where you can save where you were and all your tabs when you close firefox. I hadn't used that feature because usually when I close my tabs I am done and have no reason to return to the exact same space. Until today. I had three tabs open including my email and figured I would return to it when I was done running. And I did. Except for the fact that when I opened Firefox everything was gone. No bookmarks, no history, not even a home page. It opened to a completely blank page and when I hit the little home icon I got firefox's homepage instead of I actually accepted the fact I was going to have to replace all my bookmarks, I figured heck they needed cleaning up anyway, right?

Well they're clean all right because it won't let me add any new bookmarks. When I enter a page it takes me there but next to the URL instead of an icon for that page there is an icon of a blank page and when I put my cursor over it it says This web site does not supply identity information. And when I try to drag the URL onto the taskbar or add a bookmark nothing happens.

I am a bit past pissed off right now. I am going to take a shower to try and cool off and clean this damn body of mine.

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