Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I think tony has the right idea about ESP blogging. I think we need to figure out how to get that machine from Tommyknockers working so are blog posts can be written in the next room while we figure out how to get our noses to stop bleeding. I always have these ideas about blog posts while I am work but the network administrator apparently thinks that me reading or posting blogs is appropriate. Bastards. At least they haven't figured out how to block google reader. Otherwise I would be completely cut off from the blogosphere. As I was for the past 3 days. I was stuck in joliet because of my work schedule, snow, and Matador's birthday. Matador's birthday.

Matt's birthday was yesterday and I met him and friends when I got off of work. It was nearly as legendary as last year but it was fun and it's technically not over because we are back on the crazy train to night. Actually my dirty smelly procrastinating ass needs to be in the shower right now because there are at least two people on the way to my house right now.

But enough about now. Last night consisted of Me, Matador, Aborama (aka Abs), Abs' brother MC, Abs' boyfried Kentucky, and The Green Crayola, who was in disguise as Drewster for most of the night.

The night started out tame. Well it ended tame too but shhh we're not there yet. MC and Drewster each seemed a little tanked by the time I got there but who knows. We had a few drinks and play Race Poker on one of the those video game doohickeys you see on top the the bar sometimes. Way more fun than it looks. Especially when MC would only pick his cards based on suit even when it meant passing up pairs, three of a kind and straights. He redeemed himself the second game. The amazingly cute bartender wrapped in an amazingly cute package named Holly kept us well lubricated. We played some trivia. Also way fun especially because the matador decided that moderate to severe intoxication makes him the smartest person in the bar. My favorite trivia question of the night was this:

What was the real name of Baby in the movie Dirty Dancing?

A. Irene

B. Whore

C. Frances

D. Angie

I picked C because you always pick C when you don't know the answer, but B was way tempting.

And there were pictures. Because after last year's pictures, there has to be follow up.

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xtx said...

friends are best served drunk

if you are the bearded one, you have kind eyes...