Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ok kids

No pics. No time to flesh out that last story. Just an attempt to post regularly. You get 10 min with Dave.

I want this guy to post. Because he was just in Vegas and I'm jealous.

I am in small town Indiana visiting my cousins, and tomorrow I will be attending a Scrabble tournament. Yes, I am just that dorky.

I woke up late today and was pissed. But had fun with Monkey once I picked her up.

I didn't go to court to try and resolve my driver's liscence issues

I did get an oil change.

I did decide to rip the band-aid off. No more waiting to see if it will go away. The girl I am seeing (sleeping with) is getting WAAAAAAY to attached and despite me telling her with increasing frequency that I do not want a relationship she sticks around and keeps inviting me over. Have to finally say no.

I have to be up in 7 hours so that's all you get.

Good night and good luck.