Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ice Cream! Ice Cream! I scream for Ice Cream

I was walking downstairs from my apartment and before I reached the outside door I heard a familiar sound. A sound everyone who grew up in America can recognize. The Ice Cream Truck! I say The because we all know there is only one. Kinda like Santa Claus, everywhere all at once. I know it may look different each time but it's like the department store santas. They may look dissimilar but we know it's Santa here to bring us joy.

And the little boy in my squealed with delight and I felt the urge to bolt out the door running full speed down the street yelling Ice Creaaaaam at the top of my lungs!

I resisted. And now I'm sad. Let down. Like when I was a child I couldn't get money from mom fast enough and by the time I reached the street the music and the truck were a fading memory turning the corner out of reach, not to be back until tomorrow or if it was early enough on a summer day later that night just after dinnertime.

So many of the things from our childhood are dissapearing. Due to technology or due to the fact parents are too afraid to let there kids outside. I hope The Ice Cream Truck is never one of them.


negentropist said...

Nice, nostalgic post David

We All Scream for Ice Cream


Anonymous said...

Nice post...

Unfortunately my local icecream trucks sells weed...so I wish he would disapear...

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Jessica said...

wow!! you have a multi facetted blog, don't ya! one can learn about ice cream, weed AND wedding dresses!!!
very nice!

David said...

Yeah, I've got to figure put how to block spammers better.

Taylor said...

I remember running to the ice cream truck! Whenever we heard it, we all froze and looked at eachother, then ran for our piggy banks, and then outside. I miss that sound!

I miss the ice cream man at the beach, too. Next time I'm there I'm definitely going to get something even though they hiked the prices ridiculously...my favorites were the Great White Shark, the screwball (with the bubblegum at the bottom) and the ChipWich.

Jessica said...

I've got to figure put how to block spammers
hee hee :p

runner5260 said...

Agreeeed :) Love the ice cream truck!

W.C.Camp said...

Our local guy plays "Turkey in the Straw". Like you, I love the tradition and hope it never dies.

Sunny said...

Oh that let down feeling gets me every time I hear the Ice-cream truck ....because I live a quarter mile from the road and by the time I get out there they're ALWAYS gone.
Hun, I'm 50 now and the kid in me will NEVER die!!!(Well, not til I do anyway)

Medina said...

Hey even though I am still young enough(kind anyways) to get up and run after THE ice cream truck I never get the chance, THE ice cream truck hasn't came close to my house in years, but the few times it ever has or the times I am near one I automatically relive the youthful memories I don't quite have. Haha

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Orca831 said...

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