Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sometimes I don't live right

I have five minutes to write a 1 hour post so bear with me.

Tony Pierce just got me in trouble. First I get caught with proverbial pants down when tony decided to link to me on the day I expose a little bit of my personl life, but that's what this thing is for, right? I should have seen it comming, because although he is king, he is a benevolent king and if you link to him and you don't suck he will probably link back. And if you are cool like Raymi or Anti he will link to you like mad. So knowing this about tony I should have prepared the next post and got you to laugh so hard you pissed your pants, becasue who wouldn't want to return to a site that made you piss your pants. But instead of writing a post I surfed the net and drank SoCo and Coke (Diet Pepsi) out of a 32oz Arby's cup. So after consuming 64oz of luvin' I decided I needed company and called friends. Foti said he was in for the night. The Boys don't drink anymore. So i called The Ass. I wrote a post involving the Ass but it was one of the posts I deleted by accident and never reconstructed. There is plenty to say about him let me tell you. The Ass is Foti's friend from highschool and ex-roommate. The Ass is already out eating dinner so he says sure I have a drink with you. I show up have two drinks in this completely unpopulated bar. Ass calls his friend whose new nickname is Pussy because he wouldn't come out with us. The Ass and I go to another bar to play pool where I begin to drink like it's my JOB. Foti comes out after all and brings Greek Boy with him. I am not real fond of Greek boy but he has his moments. One of which is wehn he played The Ass at pool, allowed The Ass to take three of his balls off the table after the break and Greek Boy still won. It is nice to grow up with a pool table.

I am way over my five minutes.

We will jump ahead to where Tony gets me in trouble. If you haven't been to the busblog today, do so. Just not from work or around children. The reason for this is that Raymi is waiting there to meet you. Naked. A pleasant surprise. The photo is even hotter once you realize Jennifer Good is standing next to her. (read the comments to tony's posts) I am with monkey today and currently at my parents house. I was going to see what Tony had to say when Monkey walked in. Now i didn't react very fast because I wasn't doing anything wrong, until I remembered that Raymi was at the top of the page smiling at us, naked as a jaybird. I closed the window too late. Monkey was embarrassed. I did the only thing I could. I owned up.

"There was a naked lady on the computer screen."

"yes, there was"

"yes there was"

I explained to her that that picture is not normally there.

Monkey then left the room.

Thank Tony. Thanks Raymi.

I will now be taking donations to pay for Monkey's therapy. Or mine. I am not ready to talk to my daughter about naked people, but I gotta do it soon, so maybe this is a start.

I really do mean thanks. Tony's blog is what gets me through the day sometimes and for him to link here is super cool.

And Raymi is a stronger man than I. I don't have the balls to put my face up, much less dance around naked for others to see. She is the coolest.

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