Monday, June 05, 2006

Dumbass update

I know this dumbass who got off work at 6am on Sunday, went to bed at 7:15am and woke up at 9:15am. He then went to the beach and somehow didn't put sunscreen on the tops of his feet, especially the left one. He also has an irregullarly shaped burn on the side of his left calf measuring 20cm by 8cm at it largest point becuase he apparently has a hard time with covering the entire leg with sunscreen.

Oh, and he also missed a girl's fairly obvious hints that she wanted to have sex with him in the water.



trista said...

ok, so the first part i just kind of went along with it ho humming lah dee dah this isn't that dumb.

but the sex part?
thats where you had me going ok, so maybe this is a dumbass update.


David said...

Yeah, when she told me later what she was thinking I had my biggest Homer D'oh! moment ever.

I've been told I made up for my mistake, and I certainly enjoyed the rest of the night, so the balance of the Universe has been restored.

Chandra said...

Being a dad means being part dumb ass no matter what you do. Every child will at one time or another for absolutely NO reason call a parent that. I think it's part of their genetics. Hopefully you've been using a lot of aloe vera and aspirin to clear up the sun burn.