Friday, April 06, 2007

D-Day part one

Why I always start writing at the worst possible times I will never know. Like when I know I am going to be late for something or at 4am when I have to be up by 7. Like now.

Anyway my last post as it turns out to be the first stop on the Matt & Dave World Drinking Tour. The second stop unfortunately was Joliet, IL. But the next few stops, London, Manchester, and Oxford, England were much more interesting. I took about 450 pictures so you will get to see some highlights. Including pretty decent pics of Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. But unfortunately you won’t see them now. The reason for this is that another one of my bad habits is that I take inordinate amounts of time trying to post about stuff I should of posted about 3 weeks ago and ignore the here and now. The here and now may not be quite as interesting but it is the here and now.

I was going to leave this to the end, but I dumped Red. Speaking of not posting, Red dumped me in November, because her mom thought I am too old (I am). Then we started dating again slowly. It started out as hanging out together, then sleeping together when drunk, then sleeping together while sober, then she started telling me she loved me again. Everyday while I was in London. Then she started pulling away again. As soon as I got back she so happy to see me. For two days. Then she was always busy. And always going out drinking without me. Which is the same thing she did to the last guy. The last straw was last Sunday when I was off during the day but had to work at night. I woke up uncharacteristically at about 12:30pm called and left a message. She did call, I just hung around the house. It had been rainy and cloudy the day before so I had no interest in going out side and I can’t see out of my apartment unless I make an effort. I did not. So I leave for work at 8 pm and it is gorgeous out. It was warmer outside than in my apartment. At least 70 degrees. So I go to work. I leave her a message. She calls me back. At 2am. She’s sorry she did call because she woke up at 2pm and was late for a cookout. A cookout hosted by someone I hang out with. Not quite a friend. A bartender at a place near work but I hang out with outside of there too. We were watching NCAA basket ball 2 days before. All the people there where people I knew. Not once did she think to call me? Recockulous. But that was it. The line in the sand. Crossed. But I have been known to be a gentleman, and we work together, and I wasn’t going to break up with someone over the phone. So before I went to bed on Monday morning I called and left a message saying I wanted to talk. Then when I woke up I called again and she said she could meet me before she started work at 3pm. But she took to long and I had to go see Monkey. I told her I needed to see her after work. It’s a date. I see Monkey. I go home. I take a nap. Matt calls or texts, I don’t remember, at about 7:30p. He wants to go drinking I want dinner. He is at dinner and in Joliet. I say I have to go out there anyway to meet Red but I will need a drink after so I’m in. At 9pm he wants to know where I am. I haven’t left the house because I am a semi-pro procrastinator. (It doesn’t pay well). I go eat at a bar down the street. It kills me not to order a drink. I get back to the house at 10:30p. I call Red to let her know I am on the way. She gets off at 11:30. She says it is super busy and doesn’t know when she will get off. Don’t come now. See me tomorrow morning at Mom’s we can spend the whole day together. Wait what? I have been saying it is important we need to talk it won’t take more than a few minutes but see doesn’t get the hint. What makes her think there is going to be an all day?

Sooooo, I text Matt. Red is schizophrenic. Let’s go drinking. $2.50 Miller Lite and 25 cent wings at a place by my house. In the City? No by my other house. Yes in the City. He calls we talk. He comes into the City. The Matt & Dave World Drinking Tour resumes.

We have a couple drinks at the house then walk down to innjoy. Where they have no SoCo. No SoCo. At all. And they call themselves civilized! So we have one beer and get the fuck out of Dodge. We walk the down the street to EasyBar. That name is so good in so many ways. It’s a cool bar with laid back bartenders. The scenery is nice, we sit down at the bar and order. The bartender then proceeds to somehow suspend the law of physics by pouring a half a bottle of soco into a rocks glass and still left room for a splash of coke. We talk we drink we look at the women. Including the two hot ones sitting next to us. Which we soon talk to. They’re drunk and we’re on our way. Mercedes is a meeting planner and Angelina, well I don’t think I ever found out exactly what Angelina does but I know she has done at least commercial voice over. I am sure she has done some modeling because she is gorgeous. We call her Angelina because Matt thinks she looks like Angelina Jolie. Not a twin but definitely some resemblance. We talk to them but make the mistake of talking to Mercedes more than Angelina. Enter Gus. Gus is a six-foot five 275lb black man who is a friend of Mercedes but took no time becoming friendly with Angelina. Last Call is sounded and we order. Of course. But I also take the opportunity to ask Mercedes, Where next? Oh it should be home but I guess it is going to be The Continental. The Continental where’s that. Chicago and California. Chicago and California? Is there anything at Chicago and California. There is now. And off we went Matt and I in a cab and Mercedes, Angelina and Gus in In Mercedes’ car.

The Continental turns out to be a very cool bar for people with more than 5 tatoos. Matador was in heaven. As soon as we walked in I said this is your kind of place. “This is my kind of place.” “I know”. We order a drink, we enjoy the music, we look around. We drink some more, we listen to more music, we talk. Still No Mercedes or Angelina. We figure we’d been had but at least the bar wasn’t far and was pretty cool. Then Just as we had written them off, Mercedes walks in. Where’s Angelina? In the car. With Gus. Making out. Nice. Time for another drink. Mercedes is cool. We talk. Angelina and Gus show up. Angelina is drunk and she knows it and says out loud that if she has one more drink she will end up going home with Gus. So she has another drink. Then goes home with Gus. We close out The Continental and Mercedes offers us a ride so we are following her and Matt says Oh is this your car? Pointing at a Mercedes Benz. One second later she presses a button and the doors open and lights go on. And you thought Mercedes was her real name. So we get a ride home in a really nice Mercedes. Is there any other kind. She pulls up in front of the house and I say would you like to come in for a night cap. I turn to Matt and say I have always wanted to say that. And she says yes. There really are things out there that can still surprise me.

Nothing really happened, we each had one drink. We talked to 6am. We did get her number though. So I didn’t get laid or get to make out. But this woman was in my apartment at 6am.
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Shasta MacNasty said...

is that a build-a-bear box in the background?

David said...

As a matter of fact yes. And yes she noticed it too. At first she asked if I had a cat and then realized it was a build-a-bear box. I moved the box teh day after she was there.