Friday, January 30, 2009


So I write reviews here occasionally. Mostly movies, occasionally restaurants. I want to do this more often. It is hard to write a review with out spoilers but I try and sometimes I wonder if I do a god job. Well, this man knows how to write a review.

Seriously. And I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but at some point it just becomes copying. So instead I will say ARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!


(seriously I need to stop accidently posting these things before I'm done)



I think I finally figured out LOST. LOST is like a prize fighter. A good prize fighter. You think you're a prize fighter. You may even think you are a championship prize fighter. But you're not. It's LOST. And you are just lost.

The first time you meet him in the ring he knocks you around. Dance, dance, punch. Dance, dance, dance, punch. Dance, dance, dance, dance, why are we still dancing. Wham! Punch. And then the punches keep flying. You're reeling, what's going on, did that just really happen. You're stunned, hurting, confused.

But you make it to round two. And you're getting better. Your not getting hit as much. Maybe even seeing some of the punches coming.

You make to round 3.

You make it through round 4. Barely. It was rough. You really got knocked around. Didn't see that one coming. But you made it. and you learned something. You saw something. A pattern. Left jab, left jab, right cross. Left jab, left jab, right cross. He missed you with that one.

Round 5 starts. He seems stronger rejuvenated. He starts a little different, but then you see it. Left jab, left jab, right cross. You smile, you're ready. Here it comes. Left jab, left jab, right jab! Wham!! Right between the eyes. Never saw it coming. You're down. You're stunned. What just happened. You stumble to your feet. It's over.

That's LOST.

Holy crap!!!!!!! Did you see Episode 3, really should be episode 2 why can't they give the 2 hour episode only one name.

But seriously did you see it? Who saw that coming. Not me. Maybe should have, but how?

Now no real spoiler here, just food for thought?

Has Daniel Faraday time traveled before, or does he just not age?