Tuesday, April 07, 2009

So much for posting more

This every five day shit has got to go.

Today I ate enough food to feed an entire Ethiopian family for a year.

And enough fat and cholesterol to give all the superfans heart attacks.

There is a definite possibility that I consumed 2500 calories at dinner. Thank you b-dubs.

First I split the chili con queso and Pepperoni bites which are triangles of breaded deep fried goodness wrapped around mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and served with marinara sauce. Actually we split the pepperoni bites and I ate 90% of the chili con queso and chips.

Then I ordered a bacon cheeseburger AND 6 breaded tenders with spicy garlic sauce. Both come with fries, but because I lack the natural fear of dying a slow and painful death I substituted potato wedges covered in bacon and cheese for my fries with the burger. It's a good thing I didn't make the switch on both because the lack of cheese and bacon deterred me from eating all my fries.

It is all ok though because I drank diet coke and water with dinner so it all balances out.

Monkey and I played Buzztime trivia for awhile then left for borders so she could do her homework in semi-silence.

Although I don't know how much attention she paid to her homework because just prior to arriving at borders she entered into a major (for her) teenage crisis. Way back in 6th or 7th grade she made friends with two boys, Neeson and Brown. They were best friends and Monkey started hanging out with them. It may have even started earlier than this I have no recollection. She liked liked Brown, but only liked Neeson as a friend. She was a grade ahead of them so pretty much lost touch with them. I think she saw them once while a freshman but not since. She found them through facebook about 2 weeks ago and then ended up texting him constantly last week while on spring break. I asked her if I had anything to worry about and she told me there wasn't, they were just friends. And then within 24 hours she sent me a text saying "maybe you should worry". I replied that she wouldn't talk that much to a boy she didn't like. "It's not me" "Dad help me! This is what he just said: I mean I put myself on the line and u can't say u don't like me a little... WHAT DO I DO?

And that is the last I heard about it until tonight. I turns out he asked her out on the 1st, and she thought it was a April fool's joke, but it wasn't. She initially said no, then said yes. But then he asked if she was doing it because she wanted to go or because she was humoring him. She said I don't know.

Apparently they agreed no dates but would still be friends. Today he said he wanted to stop talking to her for awhile shich got her all upset. I told her that was probably the better idea. "But what happens when we start talking again." At least she is smart enough to know that his crush won't go away in a couple of days or weeks. All she wants is a friend. Life ain't that simple sweetheart.

Then we ended up at Ed's.

And had milkshakes.

Because there wasn't enough food in my belly already.

Now I am home and will watch Movies and/or West Wing until the sun comes up.


xTx said...

OMG. I think I just had a heart palpatation from reading of your ingestions.

maybe you are my eating hero

Al said...

Me too but it was definitely jealousy.

And I think the sentence "It's a good thing I didn't make the switch on both because the lack of cheese and bacon deterred me from eating all my fries" holds somewhere in it the key to a bestselling diet book.

David said...

I can title it No Cheese? No Bacon? No Way!