Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well, I did

Stop drinking that is. I am officially on hiatus from alcohol until at least Aug 1, possibly Sept 1, but we will see. I would have posted this on April 1 but the people that know me would have called it an April fool's joke. But it's not.

I feel rested today. Pretty much did nothing for the last day and a half. That helps. I was going to do the laundry today but somehow agreed to take the Philarican to the airport. People shouldn't be allowed to ask me favors after midnight. I am always at my weakest.

Speaking of weak, I think I have the flu. It is pretty low grade, but from dealing with my patients I am pretty sure this is Influenza B which builds gradually, kicks your ass in the middle and then takes a long time to go away. As opposed to influenza A which kicks your ass the first two days and then fades within a week.

I am so glad I have a long painful course ahead of me. It is quite motivating.

I am going to go shave now.

Read Sass. She is in Hong Kong.