Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

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I am thankful....

that I am finally off work for a couple of days

that I will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family on sunday

that I will be a friend's wedding in 2 days having a great time

for mini-skirts

that my daughter is pretty, smart, and so far is a good kid

that my dad has made it through two surgeries this year. One of them emergent.

for pumpkin pie

that I have become good friends with the Matador. Every one needs a friend who has the exact same sense of humor

for Abo-rama whose smile always makes me do the same

for backless gowns

for every ice cold glass of Southern Comfort and Coke that I have consumed this year

for bartenders who get up early in the morning just so I can have a drink at seven a.m.

that how I met you mother is still on the air

that everyday I go to work I meet at least one intelligent person who helps stave off my fading hope in the rest of society

that I am 6'2"

that I haven't gone blind

that I haven't been arrested yet for tax evasion

that I may have a part-time job that will distract me from that fact that I hate my full-time job

that same part-time job will help me buy a condo

that there are still nice people in the world

that I still have the chance to become one of them again

that farts are still funny

that tony pierce still blogs, and still makes my smile

that tony's blog inspired me to make this list

that you aren't too pissed off that this is so damn long

for women with long legs

that everyday is another chance to take over the world

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tony said...

glad to be of service!