Wednesday, December 12, 2007


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If I haven't mentioned it, I am currently 100% Bat-shit crazy addicted to Heroes. Borrowed Season 1 from brother around Thanksgiving and it sat next to the TV for at least a week. After finally deciding to sit my ass down and watch it. Six hours later I felt like one of Bennet's abductee's. At least I knew what happened and what happened was Holy Fuck. The first episode really draws you in. And keeps you sucked in through the first 3-4 episodes. Around 4-5 it kind of levels off and you are just waiting for what you know this show can be. And in episode 8 or 9 you get it. And after that it is hold on to you hats folks the ride is about to begin. I think I watched the last eight episodes in one day. Or at least what I thought were the last eight episodes. I got to episode 22 and thought what? this is too measley pedestrian boring, what I expected to be the last episode. Yeah my jackass Brother gave me the series without Disk 7. I have yet to kill him for this but it is definitely on my to-do list.

Finally got to watch the last episode at Matador's place because he has Netflix and 17 hours of downloadable video a month. Last episode kicked so much ass I drove home signed up for Netflix, they are currently offering unlimited downloads, and promptly watched 3 episodes of Season 2. Only 3 seasons because it was at least 4 in the fucking morning at this point and even batshit crazy vampires like me need to sleep occasionally.

My official review of Heroes Season 1

Fantastic, stunning, imaginative, blah, blah, blah, that is what everyone says.

Favorite character of Season 1: Hiro. Hands down. No one makes you laugh or cheer like Hiro.

Most hated character of Season 1: No brainer, Sylar. But the networks now that hating a character will draw you in as much as loving a character. Especially when you know half way through the season that he is going to get his ass kicked.

Most whiny, get over it already character(s) of Season 1: Parkman, Nikki. Come on people grow some balls already.

The character you actually love to hate: Noah Bennet

Most improved Character of Season 1: Peter Patrelli

I was going to continue with season 2 but it is time to eat, and we all know how much I love to eat.

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