Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last Saturday I met up with Rico. I was supposed to meet him at his work Christmas Party at 9pm. As my last post alluded to, I was not even ready to leave the house until almost 10. It was as I was getting the last of my shit together that my phone rings. It is Rico. The party is lame. It's about time my procrastination paid off. He will call me back when they figure out a new destination. I pour myself another god awful Rum and Sprite Zero. Why I didn't switch to SoCo in an attempt to improve the taste of the drink and preserve my oh so limited supply of Habana Club.

The call comes. The answer is La Pena, an Ecuadorian Restaurant on the northwest side of Chicago. Rico was with his cousin, Ritchie Rich, and A, a woman he works with. I always been a great fan of Latin music and was not disappointed. We only had appetizers but they were excellent. Would definitely go back for dinner. Ritchie Rich and I thought Rico's friend was cute but not gorgeous. That was until Ritchie Rich had a couple of drinks, then she was the most gorgeous girl in the world. And he couldn't stop telling her or me this. She danced with him a few times and danced with Rico. She even got me up there once to dance Merengue. It has been so long since I danced to that music. I need to get back into shape. Latin dancing with definitely build up your legs and endurance.

It really is funny to watch someone fall off the cliff. One minute Ritchie Rich was lucid, maybe a little buzzed but lucid and having normal conversation, then I blinked and he was loaded and gushing all over this girl. She was a fun person and worth hanging out with but watching him was hilarious.

I only got four pictures instead of the planned twenty, but they didn't have SoCo so I had to drink Vodka Seven's all night which meant I was drinking slow.

ghettofabulous - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

A and Rico - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

A and Rico - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Shiny lips - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

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