Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I hate.......

when the forcast is for rain and then there is none. I mean that is not to say that there was not a drizzle and that it did not feel good but I was really hoping for rain,.

I know that this will only make sense to the matador and I feel really bad that I am drunk posting and still insist on correcting my spelling. Which is the whole point of drunk post9ing. Which is just leaving shit like it is. But I keep back spacing and correcting shit.

OK so here is my shit sazns back spacing.

I went on my fist blingd dat e of my life and it was nto as bad ads I expected. She as cut e but I expected that .
Suave said she would be.
BVut she wazs also intelligent and laught at mey jok,es which is [4robably not intelligen t buyt it was good for me.

ad tehere was cissing at hte end of the date whish is the drizzle part

I amd a little intoxictted. i could type perfectly if you allowed my to type slowly and backspace byu ty we decide d not to correctanything.

I have to bea t work in 3 1/2 hours. this is not good. I am going to sign off and call teh cute nedw latina to see ifc see made it hoem alive.

Have aa big fat food day for mee



Whatsername again....? said...

dave dave dave dave dave.

still awesome. yay :D

Steph said...

lol, you just Drogged. Well done.

David said...

Drogging! I like that. I think I will have to do it more often.