Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fuck this noise

Fuck excuses. Fuck low will power. Fuck sacrifice. Fuck not wanting to exercise. Fuck more excuses.

Al from BloodandThunder has apparently lost 80 pounds. (sorry no links right now, I am using a freebie blog publisher for the iPhone will upgrade soon). If he can lose 80 pounds I can get my ass off the I wanna bus and on to the I am train if not the you bet your ass super train.

I leave for vegas in 31 days and barely fit into the clothes I bought there 2 years ago. We won't even bring up Miami clothes from 4 years ago. Hell I'm having a hard time getting into the suit I wore in Miami last year.

So here is the goal, the challange to myself. 30 pounds in 30 days. Lofty goal, but as they say aim for the stars and if you miss you still end up with the moon. The closest I have ever come to this goal is 30 pounds in 6 weeks 10 years ago. I was in a more motivated place overall back then and I was already working out, but screw it. No more alcohol. No more junk food. No more fucking around.

Oops. That last part is figurative not literal. If I can get some in the next 30 days I'm taking it. It will improve my mood AND burn calories.

Wish me luck I am going to go weigh my big fat McDonald's eating ass now.

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Al said...

Delighted to be of help. More dietetic encouragement: If it doesn't suck, and you aren't suffering, it won't work. Vegetables and pain are the only way to fly. Godspeed.