Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Expect random nonsense. I am tired but not sleepy. Dinner was good. Brother didn't get his act together so we ended going out to eat. And in style. Ditka's restaurant downtown. Excellent food. Prix fixe thanksgiving feast if you so desired. We did. Butternut squash soup or crab bisque. They were identical in color. I have no idea how the waiter could tell them apart. We could. Next was a choice of salad. Chopped or mike's salad. Mike salad was arugula and a similar looking red lettuce, apples,walnuts, blue cheese, and a vinagerette dressing.

The main course was turkey- white and dark meat, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes also mashed, green beans almondine, and cranberry sauce, and possbly one more thing that I am forgetting. It was all on one plate. Just like you would do at home. One big scrumpcious pile of food on your plate.

Then dessert. Choice of pumpkin cheese cake, pecan pie, or choclate lava cake. Mom went with the choclate cake. The rest of us indulged in the pumpkin cheese cake. Only brother and I finished our desserts, although it seemed to take him a week to finish his. It was amazing to say the least. I didn't try the chocolate cake because I really didn't feel that pumpkin and chocolate go together, but in retrospect I think the ice cream on the chocolate cake was pumpkin. It was an orange color that I really couldn't reconcile at the time and was too engrossed in the cheesecake to ask.

It was $40 per person which I thought was pretty resonable given the quality of the food and the exceptional service.

Speaking of good food, steak night is finally a reality. I have been trying to get brother to commit to a monthly steak night for over a year now without success. So I have opened up the circle to my friends who seem enthusiastic. Our first outing will be at the Capital Grille downtown. I have seen the one near Yorktown mall but didn't know about the one in the city. Chicago magazine recently published a list of the twenty best steakhouses in the city, so we are going to go through their list in alphabetical order.

PS- I am going to Vegas for New Year's Eve

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