Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This Woman Is Sixty Two Years Old

I was just watching Jimmy Kimmel Live, and although I have no idea whether it was live or a repeat, Susan Lucci came out in a short strapless dress and was SMOKING!!!!! I mean you could tell she was older than she initially appeared and I'd be willing to bet she's had some work done. Either that or she has the world's greatest strapless push-up bra.

Now I've met a GILF before but she was 45, Susan Lucci is Sixty Two years old. As of today. Actually, yesterday, December 23. 1946. She is only 6 years younger than my dad. But I'd have admit that even though I am 104 going on 40, if she wasn't married and I could tolerate her silly giggle of a laugh for more than 15 minutes I would totally take a run at that.


So now that I've provided you with the sick thought of the day I have to wrap Christmas presents.

Speaking of which, I got an early Christmas present that may actually end up being my favorite Christmas present. A Jersey. A Cubs jersey. A big Z Cubs jersey. And I am stoked. When does the season start. If I win the lotto, I am so going to spring training.

And yes I know I have to blog about the bar crawl. If I don't do it before I leave for Vegas, I promise to do it on the plane.

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