Saturday, December 06, 2008

So i'm sitting in my car

And I'm thinking about what movies I should watch to get me in the mood for Vegas and Ocean's Eleven and Swingers come to mind immediately. Then I think Go. Go! Go is a great movie with some cool Vegas scenes. And then I remember Very Bad Things. Now there's a movie that exemplifies the guys weekend in Vegas. And the stupid things we do when we are scared.

So what I am looking for are suggestions on cool Vegas or Vegas related movies to watch. Please leave them in the comments.


matador said...

i know that you aren't into the gambling aspect of Vegas much but Rounders gets me in the all or nothing mood. Lately just a whole lot of nada.

David said...

Not into the gambling aspect of Vegas? Who was that standing next to you at the craps table at 3am losing his shirt?

I was just broke for the first 2 days because they jacked my paycheck. Then I gave it all to Vegas.

How does that song go, I left my heart in San Francisco but I lost my ass in Vegas.