Monday, March 22, 2010

In Hawaii

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I'm in Hawaii for my friend That Drunk Girl's wedding. I'm staying at the Aqua Wakiki Wave hotel which a small botique-ish hotel. The room is pretty stylish but the view is of a parking garage. But it is a unique parking garage where you pull into an elevator that goes up to your floor then sideways to your space. So pretty cool. I may have to park there just to check it out.

I'm off to find some food. Before driving off to TDG's place for dinner and drinks. Why eat first? Did I mention that there would be drinks? That and I'm starving. Only a $9 sandwich on the plane a few hours ago and dinner isn't for at least 90 minutes.


Jessica said...

better yet, take pictures of that crazy sounding parking elevator thing!!

David said...

Working on it. May even have some video. Don't know about quality though. It's all being done from my iPhone.