Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Can't they ever get it right?

I have been pissed about something for a long time, something that Whatsername got pissed off about on June 8th.

That thing is that CNN has links all over place for video that usually seems like something you would wnat to look at, until you click on it and find out you have to sign up for their pay service to get video. Bastards. That was until now.

CNN now offers free video, apparently for all or almost all of their stories. Did they give up their money hungry ways and realize that we deserve to receive the news without having to pay through our nose? Nope. In order to watch a video clip for there news story you have to sit through 5-10 seconds of a commercial. And each one I have seen is a commercial with a song in the background usually a song that makes you cry because you used to like until it ended up in a commercial. I used to love Aerosmith's Dream On. Until I saw it in a car commercial. I barely watch TV. Ocasionally. Late at night. Or I watch DVDs. So I am usually spared from this travesty of sellouts, but now I will have to suffer on CNN's website, because I know that curiosty will get the best of me and make me click on the video links.

Now I do suppose I prefer the large corporations paying for my privilege of watching video on CNN's site but I am still pissed off about it. Mabye I should let this go, and start protesting against commercials in movie theaters. If they want commercials in movie theaters then they should make the movies free. I would get much more public support for this rant. Hopefully more on this later.

Good Night and Good Luck.

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Whatsername said...

fucking CNN.