Thursday, June 02, 2005

A shot of commonsense

I am not talking about the proverbial shot of commonsense. I am talking about a literal shot of commonsense. My life dream is to gather the best biochemists and geneticists of the world and lock them in a room until they can isolate the commonsense gene. (We all know it’s out there) Replicate it, formulate an injectable form and mass produce it. Distribution is another story. Chances are governments of the world will pay me not to distribute it. Who wants voters with commonsense, right? Either way I will be rich. Rich enough to buy my own island, then populate it with my friends, servants, some thirty odd beautiful women, all injected with commonsense. Every last one of them.

Anyway, enough of that pipe dream, until I can bring that dream to fruition I am going to provide you with a figurative shot of commonsense. Providing you with my version of that elusive get you through the day, keep you out of trouble, get things done, stop pissing people off substance known as commonsense. Pointing out flagrant stupidity where ever it shall rear its ugly head. This is by far not a complete manifesto, it may and probably will expand and narrow it’s focus on a semi-regular basis. As is necessary to stay one step of mentally challenged and the purveyors of manure it all its forms.

May the commonsense be with you.

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