Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Missed Call or Missed Calling?

I don't know who she works for or what she wanted. I am sure it is a creditor, so I didn't call back.

What I do know is she missed her calling in the phone sex industry.


BDraggs said...

You know, I hope, that she is probably a morbidly obese, bald woman with hairy, green teeth who has mold between her toes and smells of stale urine.

Just thought I'd ruin that fantasy for you because I'm feeling pretty evil tonight.

Shasta MacNasty said...

Wow...that's sex industry voice? Maybe I don't listen to that enough to be able to make that kind of statement. :-D

Ok, just giving you a hard time. How did you get that onto audioblog?

David said...

I have to admit it sounds way better on my phone than on here but still the most pleasant bill collector message I have ever gotten.

David said...

Audioblog is a pay service and Audioblogger is free. Audioblog offers more options but has a more complicated procedure for getting something onto your blog. Audioblogger is super easy. When it works. There computer service for accepting the call kind of sucks. I hope to use both more over the next week and I will let you know. Let me know which sounds better.

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