Friday, April 28, 2006

The Saga Continues

Okay so I am trying to diplomatically, nicely break up with Indian Girl. Not going to happen. Psychochicks get angry and cry, and go why, why, why? This is what they do. I know this. I have known this for a long time and is why I finally gave up psycho chicks for good. My problem is that this is a psycho chick from my past, from before I got smart. Also I never quite saw the psycho chick side until I went out with her and somehow I didn't run for my life. Now it is in danger.

I had a plan.

A good plan.

A plan that would a least show her that we are not very compatible and I am not what she is looking for and am not good relationship material.

I am moving this weekend. She has volunteered to help pack, to help move, to help do whatever will put her right next to me. I politely declined. My plan was to not call her all weekend. No matter what. Not even if she called. Not even if she called a hundred times. I have an excuse. I was moving. I didn't even have my phone with me most of the time. I would call Monday. Maybe Tuesday. She would be pissy and then we would have a conversation starter. I could end it.

No such luck. She called twice today and I didn't even listen to the voicemails. Until someone else left a message.

This is her first message.

FUCK. How can I be mean to a girl who just lost her job.

Then I got this message.

FUCK. How can I refuse to console a woman who just lost her job. How can I refuse her request.

Then genious struck me. There is one failsafe excuse. One thing no one can argue with. Children. My daughter, Monkey, is staying with me this weekend. But I am not picking her up until tomorrow. I left this part out. Actually I specifically stated that I was picking her up tonight. I got a But I really wanted to see you tonight.

Bad things never happen at good times. She can't blame me I am being a good dad. And what dad would have a woman sleep over with his teenage daughter in the house?

Now I have to go pack like a motherfucker. If any of you Chicagoans wanna come over and pack and drink all my liquor so I don't have to take it with let me know.


Shasta MacNasty said...
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Shasta MacNasty said...

Yeah, that's a bind you were in. Good thing you have the failsafe of offspring. Whew! My mother often tells me that she's glad she didn't listen to her friends and get an terminate her pregnancy. Because who would get up and fetch the remote for her, or pick up asiago bread from Panera on the way home from work? Thanks mom.

Anyway, can I just drink the liquor? Packing might cause me to break a long, meticulously manicured nail.

David said...

My parents always told my brother and I that we were only there for the slave labor.

And yes, drink away, I need entertainment and motivation even more than I need packing help.

Whatsername said...

you need someone with a cattle prod, Dave.


emertron said...

Ooo. Tough situation. When dealing with psycho dudes (yes, there are those out there & I've found 96% of the ones that live in Chicago...100% of those in HP), if they don't get the picture, I just leave it at that. No calls.

Unfortunately, her employment loss is another kick in the teeth. Like I'd said before, though, sounds like she's really unstable from her divorce & should probably go talk with someone as a way to figure out how to depend on herself rather than depending on someone else.

ica said...

i think the not answering the phone all weekend could still work...

job said...