Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cue mission impossible theme

I am currently downloading software that is supposed to crack windows passwords because I have this old laptop that I have not used in 3-4 years because I broke the damn screen. I tried to hook it up to an old monitor in the past but the laptop had stopped taking a charge. Now I have it charged and hooked up to a monitor but guess who can't remember what the f'ing password is. So much for changing your passwords frequently. I certainly don't change them frequently but i used to change them every couple of months and now I change them every couple of years. Either way I am I still 5-6 generations of passwords from when I put one on that laptop so who the fuck knows what it is. Ooooh, the software finished downloading! Now I have to copy it to a CD. Be right back. Screw abbreviations, we are not that busy.

OK, so it's burning. I am curious to see what I have on the old laptop. I may not have too many pics because I don't think I had a digital camera back then. I do know that I was keeping a journal, even prior to me starting a blog, so I hope I have some good stuff on there. Although some of the real old stuff would be on my even older laptop, which was unfortunately stolen.

Ooh, ooh, shit is happening on the laptop. I restarted it with Ophcrack in the CD drive so let's see what we shall see. Moment of truth here people windows restarted.....mmmmm, I have the enter password screen and it won't let me in. I think I just failed my first test as a spy. Check back later for updates. I am going to devote all my attention to this problem.