Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Update. Or David goes drinking all week and all you get is this lousy update.

Last week or so, pretty fun but been tired and working. Seriously have a week's worth of good posts rolling around in my head but all I have time for is a status update.

Matador is in Vegas. Bastard. Horse Cock is with him. Double Bastard. They are going to see a Cubs-Sox exhibition game tonight. Double triple super bastards.

I however get to go see Chicago the musical so I am not totally bummed. Just jealous. Almost as exciting as the musical will be dinner. At Corosh. Haven't eaten there in years but my two experiences there were very good. Used to know the manager. Met him out drinking one night. Now I don't even remember his name. I do however remember that the food was fantastic. And I just found out that there kitchen is open late. I just might have to start frequenting this place again.

Anyway, night folks got to run. I have to wake up the naked lady in my bed, get dressed, and find my money clip.

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