Friday, October 26, 2007

At least I found it funny

I tend to occasionally put complete dreck on my blog for no other reason than it amuses me at the time.

It is 2:30 in the morning and I am not drunk or in a state of post-coital bliss. I am however in the middle of a self imposed How I Met Your Mother marathon. Season 2 of course. Season 1 is still in the clutches of Brother, who apparently loves to flirt with death. To his credit though i don't believe he is intentionally hording it, I believe instead that a smaller version of the family black hole has set up residence in his apartment and sucked in my DVDs.

Does your family have a black hole. I have met one other friend who understands the black hole phenomenon. You have something and you know where it is, at least you think you do until you go to retrieve it and it is nowhere to be found. I swear it was right there! And you look for it and look for it and it seems to have vanished until one day, possibly one much later in time when you are not looking for it, possibly even have forgotten about it completely.....poof, there it is. In a place you swore you looked in. Twice.

My parent's house is the site of the largest black hole known to man. I am conviced people have been lost in there.

It is so large that is has spawned a second smaller black hole. The present black hole. My mom has perfected the art of hiding things IN A SAFE PLACE. We tell my mom never to hide something in a safe place because it will never be seen again. For at least the past 3-4 years my mom has lost at least one Christmas present for someone in the family. She tears her house apart and cannot find it and she apologizes profusely and lets it worry her all through Christmas eve to the point where she will get up intermittently during the evening to look for it because she believes she has figured out where she put it. She is wrong. The black hole has it. The funniest thing about this Christmas ritual is that the black has started spitting out the said Christmas present just prior to the intended recipient's birthday. And my mom finds this present usually while looking for the birthday present she has put IN A SAFE PLACE. The birthday present then disappears into the black hole being spit out again just before Christmas. At least the black hole has a sense of balance.

I however am quite off balance. I have a new addiction. Actually it is an addiction that has been building for a few years now, but has reached a fever pitch. TV on DVD. I blame brother. He gave me my first taste. Free of course. That's how they hook you. He lent me Season 1 of 24 on Christmas about 3 or 4 years ago and now I have purchased seasons for 3 separate shows in just the past week and a half. And I will probably go on-line and purchase Season 2 of Weeds as soon as I finish writing this. And I saw Seasons 1 and 2 of Arrested Development for $20 each at larget last week. I have never seen the show but have heard good things. And $20 per season. HOw can you beat that. Although it kind of pisses me off that Cable shows only have 10-12 episodes per season and you pay about the same price as you would for 22-24 episodes of a regular TV show. I don't mind spending money just stop ripping me off.


Okay it is 3am and this bastard is going to bed. If of course I can get into bed without being pulled in by the TV's gravitational pull.

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