Sunday, October 21, 2007

I think we've moved from off axis to upside down

Yesterday I posted about the temporary silence from the part of the universe known as tony pierce. (not capitalized on purpose} The silence continues. Early this morning at work The Matador said he read my post. It took me a second to remember what my post was about then I said "Can you believe it? Have you seen his web site?" "Are you kidding me," he replied "I checked it Thursday, Friday, and Saturday." Matador is one the the many converts to the religious experience that is tony pierce. He has been reading him daily since he found him through my blog. Sorry tony, I violated Rule #5. Actually my brother did. Matador had no idea I had a blog until my brother mentioned in front of Matador that he had read my blog the day before. It took Matador about a week to find it. It should have taken him 5 seconds, but he decided to Google all the wrong things before the light went on and he googled the most obvious.

But he has found it and through it tony pierce. He is at least the second. The illustrious Whatsername was the first. It is a shame she doesn't blog anymore, or at least not regularly. Not like I should talk.

I said to Matador, "At first I thought he lost his job at LAist, but he is still posting there" Matador replied, "No it would have to be something else, maybe his mom died." I stopped talking. I think I may have stopped breathing. My heart stopped, my jaw dropped and I started to walk away. Quietly I said, "I didn't even think of that." I kept walking. " Thank you for making me feel better". He didn't.

I hope nothing even remotely that disasterous has occurred in tony's life. I can't even image such a thing happening. My parents are quickly passing old into really old. Tony my prayers are with you. I hope your decision to stop posting is motivated by moving on to bigger and better things. Please up date us. You wouldn't believe how may people are thinking about you.

Now on to the reason I was reminded of that crappy conversation. Some did die. Someone I knew. I am to young for people I know to die. Last year a someone I knew from my childhood passed away and I attended the wake. I mentioned it in a post but kind of skipped over how it made me feel and left a light hearted attempt at humor instead. Humor seems to be the way I deal with just about everything.

On Thursday, Randy Orzada, a Chicago Fire Department Paramedic was killed. Mowed down by a passing car. He was forty three apparently. Some news sources have reported thirty three, but if memory of his age relative to mine is correct, forty three sounds about right.

Forty three however is way wrong for an obituary page.

The articles about him say the usual things, great uncle, good neighbor, but the truth is he was a Oh my God can he really be that nice, nice guy. I think anyone who ever knew him would have no problem describing him as Too Nice. Too Nice. Why do we think it is possible to be too nice. Like it's a bad thing. Too mean-bad. Too drunk-bad. Too spicy-sometimes bad. But too good, I think that is just a way to make ourselves feel better. You're too good, don't be so good. That way I don't look so bad. Randy achieved to good and the world is better for it. Hopefully the rest of us eventually attempt to be better, and realize that if all of us did that we wouldn't have to say too good like it's an insult.

I am going to his wake tonight. I will see people I have not seen and years and that will be a happy thing. I will need it to balance out the sadness.

I am going to go contemplate the meaning of life the universe and everything now. I am always willing to share my thoughts but my feelings will cost you extra.

Please send a prayer to the Diety of your choice for Randy's family and friends that they be comforted.

Good Night and Good Luck.

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David said...

Today is 1 16 09, I am a childhood friend of Randy's. For some reason his and Mark's birthday was stuck in my head since 1976 when I left Chicago. I started to research Randy and found the devastating news. I called and talked with his bro Mark today.
Dave Schmidt