Monday, October 15, 2007

Talk about procrastination

I can believe my last post was in August. A lot has happened since then. Alot of work, some very expensive drinking. The cubs fell apart on me. Crying. Ignoring Sox fans. Hung out with people I worked with 3 years ago and had a great time. There are pictures and such and if I ever stop avoiding things I need and want to do you will see them. Met a girl, talked to her for 2 hours, set up a dinner date, then called her the next day to find out that she gave me a disconnected number. I was happy about that.

But today we will talk about nonsense. Or at least something amusing. Hits generated by searches. The last three searches that led people to my site are

Picture of man walks in to glass
- explain this one to me

Women like horse cock- from the Arabic Google no less. So the muslims can't have sex before marriage but they can look at a woman sucking on a horse's schlong while masturbating. Yep that makes sense.

Chick walks into a gynecologist
- Doesn't the gynecologist usually walk into the chick? And I prefer the term gynechiatrist.

The next seven were:

Man walks into a bar with a chicken
Common bar shots
Wingman shots- You have to buy your wingman shots, why else would he hit on the fat chick
Waiting for my sweetheart- aren't we all
Juggs party
I have lost my common sense- I am glad I am not the only one
Mmmmm......Pizza- Apparently Homer has figured out how to use Google

I love the internet.

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RB said...

must be kismett (or however you spell it...)

just been back on JS and thought I'd pop over to see if your about

funny searches! omg on #2, I used to get whacked (or whacking) guys like that all the time *cringe* that made me go faves.
No searches for back dimples??? ;o)