Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here we go

Written on Feb. 4 but cab showed up before I could get the pics up. Expect the next few posts to be out of chronological order.

Leave for Vegas in 3 hours. Would be a little more pumped if I wasn't so hung the fuck over. Yesterday was The Matador's birthday and we have been celebrating since Sat night.

Last night there was drinking, football, drinking, joking around, drinking, hot chicks and more drinking.

I gotta call a cab so I will leave you with pictures.

Two cuties

Tricked into

smelling Matt's armpit

Amyl Nitrate and her crash helmet- we make her wear it after 3 beers

Matador in honor of turning 30 retires his nipple ring and then shows his ringless nipples to the world

Drunk Matador

Really Drunk Matador

PS- That's his roomate's floor.

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Al said...

The chicks are appreciated, but I have vicarious Vegas needs here. Throw me a crumb.