Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm torn

Between "about time" and "you gotta be fucking kidding me"

I first saw this picture on tony's site and just assumed it was just a picture.

Not a real fucking car.

The James Bond in every living male cries out for this but seriously are you going to spend $400,000 or more just to impress a girl. Because really what else are you going to use it for, you certainly aren't running from spies. The IRS maybe but not spies. And let's face if you have enough money to drop 400k on a car, she's already impressed. If you drive her home in anything better than a Pontiac Grand Prix, she's putting out.


But cool car though. Can I drive it? Or at least go live at that guys house? I am sure it is big enough that he won't find me for months. I'll just pay the staff $50 a week and they wont rat me out.

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