Sunday, March 02, 2008

LOST Spoilers, Beware

Yesterday I watched the 2 most recent episodes of LOST. I wish I could tout this as a review, but it is pretty much what everyone else has. Questions.


Locke is a relatively smart man why can he not keep his cool? Miles is a cool character but he's a greedy SOB ain't he? Why 3.2 million dollars? I expect a interesting answer to that one. Why is the professor dude losing his memory? They explain it a little in the next episode but this is different from the side effects that Desmond gets. I don't think Kate would have gotten off this easy, but the real question of course is Where is Claire and how did Kate end up with the baby? Even more importantly why won't Jack go see Aaron? My theory here is that Jack is somehow responsible for Claire being either killed or left behind. Monkey disagrees with this, but I can't see any other reason than Jack's guilt for his actions. Monkey thinks it is because Kate is lying and saying it is her baby but Jack had no problem lying on the stand.

The Constant

I hate time travel in movies/TV etc. This is because it can never be reconciled. They always do something in the past that they cannot account for in the future or present. There are dozens of movies like this, unfortunately the only one I can think of at the moment is The Lake House. How much of a mess is that movie? The only reasons I ended up seeing that movie was that I knew absolutely nothing of the plot and I have had a crush on Ms. Bullock for at least a decade.

That being said The Constant is one of the best episodes this season. Yes they fucked up the time thing because professor would have remembered Desmond. And all of a sudden writing shows up in his note book. Other than that great episode. Fills in a little more info on both Desmond and the professor. And now that Desmond has made contact with Penny he should be in full-on kick ass get back to the world mode. And this episode further cements Sayid as my favorite crash victim. He is probable tied with Desmond for favorite character. I don't understand why he traded his gun for the phone though. I guess he figures the few shots he has won't kill everybody and if they did how would he steer the damn ship.

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