Thursday, March 06, 2008

Written yesterday

I have been spectacularly cursed with the inability to focus. I have always been a little ADD but even then I would bounce around from things that interested me to things that interested me. And when I found something that REALLY interested me I would become so focused upon it that everything else would disappear. And if you wanted my attention you would have to yell my name or otherwise work hard to break my self imposed trance. But now there is no focus. I just spent the last hour wandering around a bookstore walking up and down multiple aisles multiple times. Normally I would walk around until I found a book I liked and read it until I was convinced I wanted it or it was time to go. Today I picked up multiple books all of them interesting but I couldn't read more than a couple of paragraphs before realizing I was no longer reading all the words.

I need someone to present me with a path and force me to take it. I am too old to join the army. And joining a cult because I don't tolerate bullshit very well. I want to start my own company, but the lack of start up funds is daunting and depressing.

Speaking of depressing, does anyone know who they are going to vote for for president? Hillary is the anti-christ and the only thing her winning will accomplish will be forcing me to move to Spain sooner. Obama seems promising, is energetic, and has the best marketing campaign, but does anyone know what he stands for? I think McCain knows what he is doing and can do a decent job if the democrats in congress don't impede him and he doesn't die in office. Everyone comes out of that office looking 20 years older and he is already 71. And who the fuck is going to be his running mate?

Huckabee? Sure he has the religious right in his corner but he's crazy. If McCain dies and leaves him in office he will make Bush look like a liberal.

Guliani? He is almost as old. Good guy but won't help the ticket. They could both die and leave the speaker of the house in charge.

Do you know another prominent republican?

Hey I'm looking for a career change! I won't help the vote much but I have health care experience. I am too honest for my own good. I am diplomatic. Love to travel, and love learning other languages. I probably wouldn't be bad at giving speeches either. May wanna keep me away from the press though given my history of exploding. (see yesterday's post) that's OK though because I know just the guy for press secretary.

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