Tuesday, March 04, 2008

WTF was that

Okay, so I had a nuclear meltdown at work today. It was way more unpleasant than I would have wanted it to be, but if you could control it it wouldn't be a meltdown. It was much worse than Matador's brief psychotic break last week. The head PA (physician assistant and I were going over my time sheet for last pay period because I accidentally singed in for the wrong shift on two days. I signed in as I worked nights when I had worked days. Then there was a discrepancy where I signed in two hours late but it turns out it was because I had worked the night before so it was approved. Then we get to the last two days of the month where I had come in an hour early one day because I had misread the schedule, and I was there and it was busy and I asked the doc if he wanted me to start early and he said yes. Then the next day I knew I wasn't scheduled at 8 but I showed up at 8 anyway because it worked out well the night before and I need the hours. Sure enough, when I got there it was busy and I helped clean out all the non-sense that was waiting for 2 hours.

Well it turns out they don't want to pay me for it. For hours worked. Hours where I was productive and made things run more smoothly. they bitch at me for being late so I am early and now I am penalized for it. Fuck that. I started to get mad and then this asshat with a title asks me what is wrong. BIG MISTAKE! There was yelling and screaming, and some damage done. Almost quit. Almost got fired. It is just the biggest bullshit ever. They have so many docs in that group now getting paid 3 times what I do for doing half the work, which increases my work load. Do I complain? Not really. I complain about how it effects the other docs in the group but I keep working hard. So what happens? I get shit on.

I am going to have to look into primal scream therapy. So I don't scream at work.


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