Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Day in Review

Woke up late.

Had to borrow money, because I apparently have a harder time holding on to it than a fuckwad with a $300 a day coke habit.

Found out that my daughter's 15 year old friend drives a BMW Z4

Saw my mom and she is doing great after Knee replacement surgery. Best part of my day.

Accidentally ran a red light because I wasn't paying attention and it changed on me, only to see all sorts of flashing lights as the hidden cameras took pictures of my dumb ass blowing through the red light. That's ok I love giving $90 to the city.

Got into an argument with my daughter because she knows everything and I'm a doofus.

Left my living room light on so my stalker neighbor could call and say What are you doing, don't you miss me, Come ooooooover.

Saw The Machinist. Definitely worth watching.

Have insomnia and no fucking food in my house. I think it may be another Cinnamon Life and Miller Lite Night.

Some one tell me to go to bed before it is time to get up.

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