Tuesday, January 01, 2008



I know I am probably the only person on the planet who had not yet seen Season 6 Part II of the Sopranos but in case I am not, stop reading here.

Because I am pissed the fuck off. I want to put my boot up the ass of whoever decided to end this series and of the guy who wrote the last episode. Unless the writers for the last episode, and the last season are the best we have, in that case good riddance. Fuck they couldn't have done any better. I know it would have been hard to wrap all this up neatly without making it some fagass dream sequence like St Elsewhere or Newhart, but did you have to leave it open ended? Did Tony live happily ever after? Did Tony go to jail? Or did he get whacked? That's my bet. I bet he got whacked right there in front of his family just like he did to Phil Leotardo.

Although I'll have to admit it was a great scene. The kid vomiting was a bit much but the thought of Phil's skull getting crushed by his own SUV was pretty sweet. I liked the scene of Sil getting hit better. Having the crowd watching your assassination attempt full of strippers is a nice homage to your life, don't you think. Patsy running away was pretty pussy though. That's the difference between mob guys and soldiers or true hit men. They would have been running toward there assassins not away from them. Kill or be killed. That's what I think.

Overall fairly disappointed. Although it does make me want to go back and watch the first season. Which is part of their goal. Unfortunately the first season is the only one I don't own. So money into these bastards' pockets.

I almost forgot the spoilers.

Chris finally gets his comeuppance for his drug use. He had more near death experiences than any other character during the series but he couldn't avoid death forever.

Paulie comes way closer to death than he even realizes.

The sixth season involves more whacking than in the back room of a porn shop.

John Sack dies but it is less than spectacular.

There are finally some naked girls with real tits, but not at the Bing. I think fake tits are a requirement there. Way more than your average strip club.

Meadow keeps getting better looking the older she gets. But then gets engaged to yet another dweeb.

AJ gets himself yet another hot babe.

And it all just fades to black.

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