Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I must have pissed off the alcohol gods

Because I have a class V hangover right now and rather than being able to lay on the couch and watch the last three episodes of LOST Season 3, I have to go to my mom's to move shit and then go bowling with my daughter. I am sure that the balls are going to feel like a hundred pounds the way my head does but it is not Monkey's fault that I tried to consume a bar's worth of alcohol in 5 hours. I then took the Matador's car keys because he was slurring his words and I wasn't. I'm sure the officer would have liked that logic. And of course we were at a bar that I didn't know how to get back from so his drunk ass was giving me directions. Talk about the blind leading the blind. I did somehow manage to get to Matador's place without stopping for food.

Speaking of bowling, Wii bowling is a dangerous sport. I have seen not one but two patients who have been injured playing that game. The first had muscle spasms in her neck and the second was a 70+ year old woman who lost her balance and fell while playing. And I heard about a kid who fell while trying to kick a field goal playing Wii Football.

Good Times.

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