Sunday, January 13, 2008

I hope someone else was drinking out of the SoCo bottle

Went to a party last night. Brought a bottle of SoCo and a bottle of vodka, because no one drinks that SoCo crap. Bringing vodka to a polish party is like bringing your own water to the beach. There were two 1/2 gallon unopened bottles of vodka there. And after dropping $24 at the ghetto liquors for a bottle of Absolut I remembered that I had a perfectly good unopened bottle of Grey Goose in the fridge. Although I glad i didn't bring it if it wasn't going to be opened anyway. For some reason most people weren't drinking. It seems that 18 of the 20 people there came in separate cars so every one was worried about driving home. I was the only one smart enough to take a cab, for all the good it did me.

I was invited by my friend the Hot Latina, HL for now, who's sole purpose was to set me up with the Hot Polish Girl, HPG, will definitely come up with something shorter if I see her again.

There was quite the cast of characters. There was a group of Polish Brazilians. They were apparently born in Poland and moved to Brazil at a young age. This group includes the host of the party Greg, who uses that name due to the length of his real name which I am sure I heard at least two different pronuciations of. His brother who kind of looked and acted like a creepy John Malkovich. Then there was the guy I swear is Michael Chiklis The true brazilian, the polish girl made a beeline to each guy to find out what they did for a living and whose English vocabulary was extensive while her grasp of English grammar made you look for the candid camera. The obnoxious OB nurse, who apparently works one block from my house. Good thing I will never end up in OB. There were a few other assorteds but they didn't stand out, kind of like the other 30 people stuck on the island in LOST. I think they are in the credits as window dressing. Speaking of which have you noticed that they've killed off all the tailies except for Bernard who makes a good go at getting himself whacked in the third season.

The party progesses. HL was lit when I got there. HPG apparently doesn't drink and works as a AA counselor for polish people. I don't know why thought I would be a great match for a girl who not only doesn't touch alcohol but deals with alcholics all day. Mmmmmm.....interesting.

We dance to odd music. HPG seems interesting but we probably spoke for all of 8 minutes. I tried to get HL out of there about 2am in an attempt to move the rapidly dwindling festivities to a nearby bar. I was almost 4 before I could drag her out of there. It was decided I was driving her car much earlier. I stopped drinking when i noticed that 3/4 of the SoCo bottle was empty. I swear someone had to have been drinking or poured it down the damn drain.

So we leave and we aren't in the car 5 minutes when HL starts talking about how horny she is but points out that she is not having sex with me. Which is actually fine with me. I have known her at least 8 years and although I liked her initially she is too much of tease, too self centered, and treats guys like shit. I decide to go to Betty's a local 5 o'clock bar but when I arrive there is no parking and my alcohol consumption is catching up with me so we call it quits and go back to my place, because my swirling HL is still in no shape to drive.

We arrive, she wants another drink, thank God for the Grey Goose. I pour my self a drink because if she is going to keep talking I am going to need one.

Neither of us finishes our drink, we end up naked, and she ends up 2 1/2 hours late for work. It wasn't pretty. Fun but not pretty. Here's hoping our drunken libidos didn't fuck up a good friendship.

HL and HPG

Chiklis and HL

Malkovich and HPG

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