Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Twenty minutes with Jackass

I am sure I have something important to say but it escapes me so you will get what ever comes to my mind.

Raymi should always come to mind, especially now that she is up for Canadian Blog of the Year. Go Vote! She has made it into the Best Blog, Best Personal Blog, and Best Humor Blog categories. Please vote. I believe voting starts today.

Cloverfield. See it. You may love it or hate it but it has to be seen.

I have to work tommorow.

Matador and I may both get laid on Friday. That's good. We both may end up bringing women who don't know each other back to my place. Possibly not so good.

Heath Ledger died. Way more to that story I am sure. Suicide is the rumor. In an apartment owned by Mary Kate Olsen also a rumor. I usually don't even blink at this stuff. Hollywood is trash but death at an early age tends to get my attention. What is with the age 28 and highly talented people?

Jimi Hendrix........28
Janice Joplin.........28
The Big Bopper....28
Shannon Hoon......28
Heath Ledger.....28
Brandon Lee.....28

Coincidence or is that just the age the Devil collects your traded soul.

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